How To Fix Double Vision in Binoculars – Step-By-Step Guide

Double Vision in Binoculars

You are looking at two moons at the same time and are feeling blessed to be the only one that invented this mystery. But wait a second; others are not claiming the same concept of your immaturity and the scene that you have seen was only the misconception due to the double Vision in your Binoculars.

What an embarrassment in front of the children that knew your Binoculars as the Best Hunting Binoculars.

Suppose, you have the option of Deer Hunting in the Rain with the  double vision, then be ready to just enjoy the rain, not a Deer. Therefore, let’s take a look at fixing the Double vision in your Binoculars.

Double Vision in Binocular
Double Vision in Binocular

What are the certain causes of Double Vision in your Binoculars?

The clumsy handling of gadgets makes the product useless. Thus, in the case of Binoculars, we have the same criteria.

Namely, if you are a beginner, then don’t make the things trickier for yourself and follow the manual rather than personal experiments. 

How to Fix the Double Vision on your Binoculars?

Now, we have the stepwise method, so try to follow the same context.

Step 1 – Gather the tools

It is just like collecting the ingredients for making any recipe. In a similar way, if you want to fix the  errors or issues, then gather the tools or accessories.

  • Screw Drivers
  • Tape
  • Measurement Scale
  • Simple Scale
  • Marker
  • CardBoard
  • Penknife
  • Binoculars (In which, you noticed the errors).

Step 2 – Fixing

Of course, such a problem comes with the clumsy screws adjustments that leave the space for the lenses. For this reason, we need to analyze which lense faces the issues. 

Firstly, take the cardboard, marker, and a scale to draw the “+” sign using the above tools. Afterward, make sure that each line should be 12 Inch.

Secondly, locate the points or inches on these lines from 1 to 12.

Thirdly, take this cardboard and hang it to the tree or wall with more than 100 Meters of distance.

In this way, you can find out how much distortion is available in your lenses.

Now, focus on the centre and try to assess the lines. Are you seeing the same distance or the different distance between the lines?

Thus, if one or both lenses are capturing the scene with an odd distance between the lines, then your lenses require the re-collimation.

Once, you will have understood the problem, then take a screwdriver and start to loose the screws.

Access the lenses and clean them like How to Clean Binoculars guide.

Try to locate the lense carefully with an exact centre. But if you will not do it right, then be ready to follow the whole process again.

Tighten the lenses’ screws with the right direction and check the (+) sign again. If now, there is no problem, then congratulations.

Step 3 – Testing

This step requires testing. Mainly, if you have done with the assembling after the adjustments or disassembling, then now check the vision and see the objects with the sma and long distance to check the accuracy and make sure the results after seeing the same scene with your eyes.

Why do Binoculars Have Double Vision?

Final Expression

Ultimately, no one should ignore the double vision that brings the different issues that appear in the form of headache, pain around the eyes, Misalignment, Nausea, and different other serious problems.

That’s why we have offered the solution to take you out of this situation. Try the method with the same instructions to avoid the misunderstanding.

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