Types Of Scope Mounts – Align Optics With The Rifle To Get Target

Types Of Scope Mounts

Attach the sight with the right scope mount to target the object accurately. Yes, the Deer Hunting in the Rain does not demand off focus or any miss rate.

Indeed, the more you have the inflexibilities, the more you move towards the imperfection, and you will have no food in the end. Thus, take off your previous scope and lined-up the brand new option with a certain mounting system. 

So, let’s begin with the imperative scope mounts that will help to get the best one.

Types Of Scope Mounts
Types Of Scope Mounts

The 11 Different Types Of Scope Mounts for the Rifle

Let’s dive down with the different types of scope mount with their purpose and compatibility.

One-Piece Mount

Starting with the simplest type that comes with zero training and guidance. Yes, you don’t worry about the alignment of the scope; this will greatly adjust it with the base.

In this way, it brings ease and makes it compatible with beginners. Overall, it has a durable appearance, but it seems too heavy. 

Scope Rings

Here, we have to scope rings that look very handy and small. Particularly, it takes the time or attention at the time of attachment and is lightweight as compared to One-Piece Scope.

Certainly, the plus point in these rings over the previous option is the slope or canted flexibility that assists in the long-distance shooting, and this comes in the limited designs. 

Weaver Scope Mount

It took the advancement in the mounting system because previously you needed to drill the scope. Now, the Weaver Scope Mounts may be one or two pieces.

On the other hand, it comes with the several slots that promise the great mounting space to hold your scope rings.

Picatinny Scope Mount

You can say that the Picatinny Mount is the updated design of Weaver with a little bit of changings as per the requirements of the military. Of course, it makes sense for military usage.

Accordingly, it is always seen that the Picatinny scopes sometimes fit their appearances with the weaver mounts, but only in some cases. Similarly, the Weaver Scopes fit to the Picatinny more often due to the wide mounts.

Dovetail Scope Mount

It works with the sliding mechanism to slide in or off the scope.

In this case, it is easy to set the scope with the locking system that keeps the element in place. In contrast, it has not got the popularity like the Weaver and Picatinny.

Tip-Off Scope Rings

It follows the properties of Dovetail Scope Mount. In fact, you can place these rings on the Dovetail with the sliding functionality.

On the other hand, you can loose the screws to unmount or take off the Scope easily. Otherwise, you can slide off the rings.

Leupold STD Scope Mount

It comes with two Rear and Front controls that you can set on the rifle. Additionally, the Front mount secures the position of the scope.

On the other hand, the rear mount gives the relaxation to tilt the scope at the right or the left. In this case, the screws’ tightening and loosing permit the adjustment. In reality, the setting is quite complicated with refinements.

Integral Mount

The Integral Scope mount has two rings with the one-piece base that can fit the scope on the rifle. In particular, this design does not match every rifle.

Namely, it helps for the precise bolting, and it is compatible with the Bolt-Action rifles.

Offset Scope Mount

It is greatly tremendous with the AR rifles that were designed many years ago. So, the AR does not promise the wide space for large optics.

In these situations, you can get help with the Offset Scope Mount that sets the scope with a grip and gives the space from the back.

20 MOA Scope Mount

It is another optimal option that gives the wide space vertically. It helps a lot, when you shoot the target from long distances.

Accordingly, you can do the canted-downward for heading to the front of the barrel to make a required space for accurate shooting.

Quick Detach Mount

It works like its name. It allows rapid detach the scope that opens the different ways to try the different fkecibkr and compatible optics with the rifle.

What to Consider for the Scope Mount?

Ring Height

It is the most important factor that lies with the targeting. In particular, you need to assess the diameter of the scope firstly, then make a decision for the scope mount.

Generally, we have 3 levels regarding the height, low, medium, and high. Certainly, perfection requires the calculation height-wise for the accurate perception through your optics.

Thus, the shooters who love long-distance shooting, they always choose the minimum height. Some of them require a little height. So, it depends on your choice with which you feel comfortable.


Final Expression

In the end, the scope mount helps for the detailed targeting. Furthermore, it makes the rifle complete with imperative accuracy.

Here, you can understand the importance from this statement that your precise scope or optics cannot do the greatest job, if you will not choose or align the scope with the effective or secure mounting system.

For this reason, I have presented the options, so choose one according to your ease and requirement.

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